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Exploring INDIA’s Business Opportunities – How to Unlock

24 January 2019

Through proper training, support, hand holding, sharing of best practices, anticipating what could go wrong, it is important that you are best equipped on your approach towards India as efficient as possible without making a difficult experience for you. Are you still in a dilemma if INDIA market is a friend or foe? Then, let’s try to address it together through this workshop.

India is one of the most compelling and interesting market opportunities. But, people are sceptical in general and has a perception that it is one of the most difficult and complicated markets.

Is this really True by sitting and visualizing far away from India?

Are the following questions making you feel NOT to explore the opportunities that India has to offer:

  • Why India is really such an exciting opportunity?
  • Don’t know which opportunities in India to approach and right for me?
  • Is setting up in India really full of constraints?
  • How can I be sure about the large and complex Indian market?
  • I don’t know as where to start and will the anxiety really end?
  • It is overwhelming when thinking about doing business in or with India?
  • Full of dilemmas about Indian business culture, legal considerations, connections?

If you are already ahead of the above questions and already thinking about to Explore India, but you are still asking yourself correct answers to some questions:

  • Is my strategy clear and appropriate for the opportunities that are currently in India to grab?
  • What do I have to do differently to survive in the completive market of India?
  • Is my approach appropriate to cope up with initial challenges?
  • Do I really know India and its demographics and where to focus for my success?

If factors such as uncertainty, risk, complexity, culture & diversity and many other moving factors will slow down your ambitions to explore India, then it is important for you to collaborate with actors, who can guide you on this journey.

No journey is easy, but if you look on the opportunities and known challenges you could face, then you can easily get the answers to some of your questions on the competitive environment, regulatory overview, legal considerations, accounting and compliance requirements; brand recognition and protection; etc.

Meet our guest speaker
Anjani Ladia Anjani Ladia, Audit Director & Leader India Desk, Grant Thornton Luxembourg. Anjani is a qualified CA (India) and CPA (USA) and has more than 17+ years of professional work experience in various jurisdictions across the world including USA (6 years), UK (2 years), Luxembourg (since 2012).

Practical details

Date: 24 Januay 2019 from 9:30 am to 12:45 am

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