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GDPR: Nvision et Grant Thornton s'associent

16 May 2018

En vue du nouveau Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (GDPR/RGPD) qui entrera en vigueur le 25 mai 2018, le digital player Nvision s’associe avec Grant Thornton (anciennement Vectis), spécialisée dans la mise en conformité de cette nouvelle réglementation.

Vectis ACF rejoint Grant Thornton Luxembourg

11 Dec 2017

Grant Thornton Luxembourg renforce ainsi sa division de consultance au secteur financier dans des domaines cruciaux comme GDPR, MiFID II, business risk services, audit interne et cybersécurité…

Blockchain and Cybersecurity

17 Apr 2017

Grant Thornton Luxembourg together with its affiliate Finside Advisers are pleased to unveil a new portfolio of consultancy offerings related to Blockchain Technologies and Cybersecurity dedicated to financial services clients: Grant Thornton Technology Hub Services.

The FinTech Market in Luxembourg

21 Sep 2017

Luxembourg concentrates a powerful financial industry. Currently the country hosts more than 150 FinTechs. The main areas of expertise are computer services for fund management, mobile payment platforms, e-money and information security.

Investment Firms’ Strategic Market Review 2017

05 May 2017

Discover the future trends in the Investment Firms’ sector with regards to the following topics: Growth strategies, Regulatory challenges, Governance, Risk management, Pricing strategies, Sourcing and delegation strategies, Efficiency and cost management, IT and data management

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