Regulated Financial Services (PFS)

Grant Thornton Regulated Financial Services

Grant Thornton Financial Services is regulated by the CSSF as “a Specialised PFS” under articles 25, 28-9, 28-10, 29-1 and 29-2 of the LFS (Luxembourg Law of the Financial Sector), dated 5th April 1993.  The company was incorporated in  2009. Grant Thornton Financial Services provides services such as transfer agent, central administration, AIFM set-up and support, compliance support, AML & KYC services, IT hosting, Directorships and Risk related services to its clients, regulated and non-regulated.


Our mission 

Using the entire financial knowledge of one of global leading accounting, tax and advisory networks to administrate your fund on a flexible and modular basis so that you can bring your main decisions.


Our teams

Our professionals comprise tax and accounting, governance and asset experts, people with deep involvement and great expertise showing our main concern to ensure client satisfaction and achievement of their objectives.


How can we help you?

  • Implementation of your fund platform in Luxembourg
  • Reduction of your expense ratio
  • Implementation of AIFMD
  • Establishment of customized investor reporting
  • Implementation of a vertical one-stop-shop solution to reduce the number of suppliers
  • Robust risk management implementation
  • Improving your fund governance
  • Meeting sophisticated investor / tax reporting requirements  


Why Grant Thornton?

Our firm offers a unique approach which is a combination of the local knowledge and experience of 200 experts from all GT service lines and the use of the global network in providing our clients with cross-border quality services and vertical one-stop-shop solutions in more than 130 countries.

Our tremendous drive to offer you unrivalled expertise and access to the global pool of resources has made Grant Thornton one of the most enduring partners in the financial industry in Luxembourg and worldwide. While providing a vast range of fund and financial services, we believe in offering value-added solutions by tailoring them to best meet your increasing demands.






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