Technology Innovation through Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Grant Thornton Technology HUB stems from the ambition to complement the current consulting offering for financial institutions with dedicated technology advisory services in domains such as Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Innovation.

Our clients understand more and more every day that they must improve their processes through emerging new technologies, in order to develop their business model and keep their strategic advantage.

For this reason, they are looking for a professional advice and a strategic vision that provides them with the necessary tools to define their technology needs in the short, medium and long term.

We guide you to build a bridge between innovative technology and successful businesses. We strongly believe that innovation and new technologies are the engine of your business evolution.

Take advantages of our tailored made services:

Blockchain Services

  • Blockchain Advisory
  • Blockchain Regulatory watch
  • Blockchain development
  • Blockchain trainings and workshops
  • Blockchain as a Services (NODES)
  • Blockchain as a Services (API)
  • Infrachain Integrator
  • Blockchain Hackathon

Cybersecurity Services

  • Penetration TEST
  • Cybersecurity for IOT
  • Cybersecurity for Satellite
  • Intelligence in Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Advisory
  • Internal Audit
  • IT Governance
  • Data Privacy Assessment
  • Data Protection Advisory
  • Data mining solution
  • IT Forensics
  • ISO 27000 Policy review - "PCIDSS" Auditor

Incubator/Startups Services

  • Business Development for Startups
  • Startup advisory
  • Director mandates
  • Incorporation
  • Corporate hosting
  • Governance and Operational

Our commitments to generate key benefits for you:

  • We prioritise open and transparent communication because we know that this is critical when we want to build a successful business.
  • We advise our partners to select the best solution that fit to their objectives and needs, because we are independent of technology vendors and certification organizations.
  • We deliver the entire suite of consultancy, training and tools needed for innovative technology initiatives.
  • Our unique combination of business advisory, professional services and technical expertise, ensure you that we can manage the project from ideation to execution stage, delivering a complete turn-key solution.
  • We have built a multi-disciplinary team, with relevant experience in blockchain, cybersecurity and innovation, able to roll out any complex and innovative projects.
  • We develop relevant business cases, to create strategy roadmaps, scenario and risk management plans, guiding you to a full rollout of innovative solutions in blockchain and cybersecurity market.
  • We lead Prof of Concepts, to demonstrate cost reduction, business model innovation, business process acceleration and knowledge transfer.
  • We have experience and credibility to advise all stakeholders’ levels, to address business opportunities instead of technology issues.


To learn more about our technology advisory services, contact us.