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Mediation, an effective way of resolving disputes

Mediation means a structured process, however named or referred to, whereby two or more parties to a dispute attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a mediator.


This process may be initiated by the parties or suggested or ordered by a court or prescribed by the law of a Member State (EU Directive 2008/52/EC).

How we can help you

At Grant Thornton Luxembourg we have a dedicated and qualified team. You will be required to provide general information about the case and the issues that you would like to address. A member of our team will assist you in scheduling a mediation session on a day and time that works for you and the other party.

We offer Mediation Services in:

  • Civil and commercial matters: conflicts between business partners, unpaid invoices, conflict between the landlord and tenant, customer dispute, conflicts in real estate and construction projects, patent disputes...
  • Social matters and workplace mediation: modification of working conditions, application of a non-competition clause, restructuring, conflict in case of moral harassment, conflicts between colleagues...
  • Family matters: family business conflicts, family business transmission and liquidation...

Mediation working sessions are conducted in 4 languages: French, German, English, and Italian.

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For more information about our Mediation services, please contact Donatella de Angelis, our Accredited Mediator in civil, commercial, social and family matters.