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Blockchain Services

Accelerate your journey towards blockchain ecosystems

Our purpose is to accelerate the Blockchain initiatives of our clients

  • By acceleration, we mean demonstrating how blockchain technology can create value, generate new opportunities and strategies by assisting our clients in their blockchain design thinking. We bring leading edge advisory and education services.
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  • By acceleration, we also mean speeding up the learning curve and derisking blockchain projects by providing technical solutions that reduce the upfront burden. We bring top both technical expertise and solutions.

We believe blockchain is a game changer and transformation drivers for the transaction world as we know it. Day in day out, we breathe and act to drive this change with our clients so it does not happen to and we can together be ahead of the game and shape our common future.

How can Grant Thornton blockchain advisory services help?

At Grant Thornton Technology Hub, all our client interventions are tailor made in close partnership with our clients as we continuously challenge ourselves and our clients into creating a new blockchain based future.

We are an active player in the blockchain space, we animate a network of recognised experts, we regularly host conferences and publications, we develop our market and trends watch.


To learn more about our Blockchain Advisory Services, please contact our team of experts by email at