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Design your future treasury and risk management

As financial risks management challenges are constantly increasing for corporations, especially since the COVID-19 crisis, CFOs need to revisit their treasury organisation, roll out best practices and implement solutions to better perform and become more resilient to crises and market swings.


Discuss this topic with François Masqulier, CEO and founder of SimplyTreasury - a company that delivers advisory in treasury, corporate finance and ERM - and Chairman of Association of Corporate Treasurers of Luxembourg (ATEL).


François Masquelier

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Our services

  • Review of treasury organisation: We review the organisation of your treasury to identify potential areas of enhancement, to improve performances and to benchmark current organisation to peers to match best practices.
  • Modernisation or implementation of IT solutions: We help you to modernise IT architecture and solutions to manage your treasury. The aim is to find the appropriate tools to automate transactions and reporting, to secure further processes and to deliver dashboards.
  • Treasury policy and strategy: We review with you your mission, objectives and strategy. It includes the policies, documentation of processes and review of internal controls for improving efficiency and mitigating risks.
  • Cash-flow forecasting and working capital optimisation: We help you to implement accurate cash-flow forecasting and to optimise your working capital needs.
  • Reorganisation of credit facilities: We assist you in the definition or review of your funding strategy and diversification of sources of financing. It targets the best cost-risk equation between sources of funding to secure the company and make it more resilient.
  • Support on financial communication: Our experts can support your CFO on the communication with banks to better communicate with partners and stakeholders. It includes the reporting, dashboarding and KPIs for C-level, board and regulators for compliance reporting.
  • Coaching and Interim Management in Treasury: We can train and coach your finance teams to get or improve their treasury knowledge to run activities on a stand-alone basis. We also offer regular review and supervision of the staff and education program to upskill the employees in charge.


More information:

  • ATEL Summer e-conference (June 25th 2020): watch the replay
  • Treasurer Magazine #104, the Corporate Treasurer's Community Magazine: read pdf here


Get some tips on how to improve your treasury strategy by contacting Yves Steinbusch or François Masquelier.