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Discover our collaborative environment for students & graduates 

We know that starting your career on the right foot is important to you. You want to grow with a firm that’s interested in your long-term professional development. You want to learn the technical skills that will advance your career, and you want guidance and inspiration along the way. Grant Thornton Luxembourg’s collaborative work environment, vibrant culture, and supportive leadership can help you get there.

In order to meet talented and motivated students, and dynamic workers, Grant Thornton Luxembourg attends several job fairs in the Greater Region. In 2024, we will run a booth at following events:

  • International Job & Internship Fair - EM Strasbourg (January) - online
  • Skema Business School (January) - online
  • Neoma Business School (February) - online
  • Adem, Virtual JobDay IT & Finance (February) - online
  • HEC Liège (March) - physical
  • ICN Business School (April) - online
  • ESDES (April) - online
  • University of Luxembourg, Unicareers (October) - physical
  • Luxembourg School of Business (October) - physical
  • ECG Luxembourg (October) - physical
  • Adem, DayCare (October) - physical
  • Université de Lorraine (November) - physical
  • Adem, JobDay - online

If you are eager to learn more about Grant Thornton Luxembourg, feel free to meet us at these events.

We will be delighted to share our Grant Thornton experience with you.