We are dedicated to provide a full range of services to banks:

Lifecycle of legal entities

Do you want to create or run-down a legal entity? We assist you throughout the phases all the way to operational production. We partner with you to assist you in refining your project, shaping the ins and outs of your set-up, dialoguing with the various external stakeholders and ensuring your file is robust and well prepared. Our lifecycle services include A to Z for your legal entities:

  • Authorisation & license process for new bank
  • Implementation of strategic plan, stress-tests of regulatory ratio’s
  • Due diligence for merger & acquisition
  • Operational support during growing or closure period
  • Closure and liquidation process

Governance improvement and transformation advisory

Do your set-up needs evolving, whether organisation, culture, governance or processes? We assist you in clarifying your objectives and approach and support you in the concrete implementation. We combine our competences to develop plans with you from the vision all the way to action plan.

  • Organisational design
  • Leadership & culture
  • Change of core banking system and satellite systems
  • Implementation of the governance strategy
  • Implementation of procedures and policies
  • Support to the BRRD (resolution & recovery plan) , ICAAP/ILAAP report and disclosure for pillar III

Lifecycle of finance

Are you wrestling with issues related to figure production? Accounting and reporting, risk, tax and HR are pillars of our content expertise. We work with you in scoping out interventions across the operational domains and the technical systems.

  • Organisational and operational advisory and transversal support to all departments (front to back)
  • Operational support to the accounting , risk management and reporting functions
  • Tax advisory and HR services
  • Change of core banking system and satellite systems

Regulatory compliance

Do you need assistance with regulatory changes? We constantly develop our expertise in making sense of regulation and looking for ways to turn regulation burden into an opportunity and create value.

  • Implementation of new regulations and directives
  • Implementation of accounting standards (IAS/IFRS) and regulatory reporting
  • Support to the internal audit and compliance functions
  • Transparency and data management
  • Regulatory watch

Learn more information about our Regulatory Compliance services.

New technologies

Do you want to remain in the game with Fintech game changers? Our Technology Hub  is focused on brining comprehensive services in the field of blockchain and cybersecurity. Our goal is to accelerate you blockchain projects safely and with value creation.

  • Advisory on blockchain technology, POC and business cases
  • Security and cyber protection
  • BI/MIS and big data