Bill of Law 8291 concerning DORA was voted on 13 June

Sabika Ishaq,
Magdalena Mihalcea
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The CSSF and the CAA are authorised to impose administrative sanctions and measures for violations of specific articles of the EU regulation 2022/2554. These sanctions can be applied to both individuals and organisations, including directors and responsible persons within the entities.

Sanctions include:

  1. Orders to cease and desist from violations.
  2. Temporary or permanent cessation of practices deemed contrary to the regulation.
  3. Administrative fines up to €5,000,000 for individuals.
  4. Administrative fines up to €5,000,000 or 10% of total annual turnover for organisations.
  5. Public declarations identifying the responsible party and nature of the violation.

Additionally, fines ranging from €250 to €250,000 can be imposed for obstructing oversight and investigation, ignoring orders, or providing false information.

Only 7 months remain to achieve compliance with DORA, and the CSSF recently announced that they expect full compliance by January 15, with no delays.

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