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Personal development

Meditation and philosophy at work, a powerful asset

On Wednesday 20 June 2018, Jean-Philippe Wagnon, Director – Advisory, will hold a seminar named « Meditation and philosophy at work, a powerful asset: why and how » as part of the Paperjam Business Club. This workshop aims to learn about Meditation and Philosophy practices and how to use them in a work environment.


Main topics:

  • Understand why meditation is of interest in professional and personal life, how meditation works and what it can bring you and then your team. Learn meditation techniques that you can use on a daily basis at anytime
  • Define philosophy and discuss why it has been making sense for over 2500 years ; discover what is a philosophical debate, how to practice and take advantage of it in a team
  • Experiment how those two mind-exercises are connected, leverage each other and might empower you and a team


In the first part of the workshop, discover through practice what meditation is about, see if there are pros and cons and what recent findings in neurosciences have to say about it. You’ll also get a set of exercises and tools among which you’ll pick according your preferences and profile.

In the second part, redefine philosophy, learn the principles and techniques of the philosophical debate and find the interest to practice in a work environment. Both parts will start from a personal experience which will be broadened to a professional context.

The final summary will suggest how both exercises could belong to the same practice, and can empower us as individuals and leverage business.



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