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MiFID II, regulatory change in investment markets

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)

MiFID II arguably the largest piece of regulatory change in investment markets since 2007 – comes into force in less than 6 months.

Meet the January deadline

For many firms it will be a race against the clock to complete their implementation projects in time. 

The good news is that the vast majority of rules are clear and defined in sufficient detail for firms to act on them with confidence.

What you need to know now to meet the deadline

  • Start your detailed gap analysis, if you haven't done so
  • Get to grips with the detailed requirements set out in the delegated acts, RTS, ESMA guidance and Q&A’s
  • Understand your data and system requirements so that you can plan for any new builds or system upgrades required
  • Identify the strategic decisions for your business, for example around pricing of investment research whether you (or your key counterparties) may become an OTF or SI

How Grant Thornton Luxembourg can help

  • Interactive regulatory workshops
  • Impact assessments analysing your current AS-IS situation to identify the main areas that will be impacted and that need to be changed
  • Change prioritisation and implementation roadmap
  • Implementation support to close the gaps including project management, continued regulatory watch, development of detailed process, technology and organizational changes as well as staff trainings



Learn more about our advisory services related to MiFID II by contacting our expert Lionel Gendarme.