Payroll Newsflash

Indexation of salaries as from 1 October 2021

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Following the monthly meeting of the Index Commission, the STATEC has confirmed today the triggering of a new salary indexation as of 1 October 2021. The applicable index increases to 855,62 points (instead of 834,76 points), resulting in a 2,5% increase in wages, salaries and pensions.

As a direct consequence of this, the minimum social wage for non-qualified workers increases to EUR 2.256,95 gross per month (instead of EUR 2.201,93) for a full-time employment, or EUR 13,0460 gross per hour, and the minimum social wage for qualified workers to EUR 2.708,35 (instead of EUR 2.642,32), or EUR 15,6552 gross per hour. The maximum monthly basis for the calculation of social security contributions goes from EUR 11.009,65 to EUR 11.284,75.



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