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COVID-19: Our commitment to our clients, colleagues & communities

For our team at Grant Thornton Luxembourg, the well-being and safety of our clients, colleagues, and communities are our top priority. Just like you, we are closely monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19.

Following previous announcements and guidance from the Luxembourg Government to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have implemented key measures to protect our people, clients, visitors, suppliers and contractors.


Our response to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19):

  1. From the beginning of the crisis, we are following safety measures to ensure that our offices remain clean, safe and protected.
  2. We have been particularly vigilant to ensure the protection of our people and deployed numerous safety measures – using a zero-risk approach - to quarantine employees who were not feeling well, had travelled in riskier areas outside of Luxembourg, or had interacted with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  3. We also focused our efforts on anticipating remote working, so that everyone could be safe while ensuring the quality and continuity of our engagements. As of today, the red alert of our business continuity plan has been triggered so that our staff is working from home, with full operational capability. A very small core team is ensuring a permanency from the office.
  4. We have decided to postpone all corporate events and cancelled all international business travels. Visits to our offices are now limited to emergency cases; we strongly discouraged physical visits to our clients, these are replaced by videoconferences and conference calls.
  5. Following our communication plan, we communicate with our teams on a daily basis and keep our clients updated about the situation.

We hope that you, your families, and colleagues remain safe and healthy as this global health challenge unfolds.

Our team, partners and myself are committed to maintain the cohesion that drives us in this particular moment.


UPDATE 20 March 2020 - in consideration of the current COVID-19 context

Please note that Grant Thornton Luxembourg has put in place an IT-structure enabling a remote fully operational set-up for all business lines and internal functions. We operate with physical office presence reduced to an absolute minimum but we are fully operational and able to deliver our usual quality of services.

In case our office will need to close, either based on a governmental or an internal sanitary decision, we will be able to operate 100% from outside.

Should you have difficulties to reach any of us please leave an email message at which will be dispatched with no delay.

Many thanks for your trust, and please stay at home and safe!

Warm regards,


Thierry Remacle
Managing Partner
Grant Thornton Luxembourg