Grant Thornton Audit & Assurance services

Our audit & assurance department is specialised, and assigned exclusively, to tasks reserved to the Luxembourg Auditors ("Réviseurs d'Entreprises Agréés"). Our Audit Partners are members of the Luxemburgish "Institut des Réviseurs d'Entreprises" (IRE) and we have over 100 people committed to delivering high quality audit & assurance services in Luxembourg.

Why Grant Thornton Luxembourg?

Our main concern is to provide an adequate approach to auditing your business, taking the time and opportunity to know the individuals involved in the company as well as gaining valuable knowledge of the industry and the marketplace in which your business operates.

We have local and global scale, quality, industry insight and deep technical expertise to serve dynamic organisations around the world. Our teams can provide you with audit and assurance services that deliver real value.

We coordinate, cooperate and communicate based on our shared global strategy, which ultimately leads to greater consistency and better quality.

A culture of quality

We approach each audit with sharp thought, straight talk, and common sense. In addition to verifying that financial results are fairly presented and meet applicable professional standards, we provide observations and insight into the real performance of your business.

Our quality is continually improving in order to give you the best available service.

A single global audit approach

We use one audit methodology globally, which means we can offer you consistent, high quality services wherever you are in the world.

We continuously evaluate our audit methodology and software applications and provide updated versions annually.

Our services:

Other services :

Our Audit & Assurance

Audit of stand-alone annual accounts

At Grant Thornton Luxembourg, our team of experts is specialised in audits of stand-alone annual accounts.

Audit of consolidated annual accounts

Grant Thornton Luxembourg team of experts is specialised in providing audit services to a lot of multinational which have their administrative center located in Luxembourg for whom the consolidated annual accounts have to be audited.

Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements

In the case of agreed-upon procedures engagement, Grant Thornton Luxembourg performs procedures particularly requested by the client/bank and reports on the findings.

GDPR-CARPA Certification

Grant Thornton Audit and Assurance is accredited by the Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données (CNPD) to provide GDPR-CARPA certifications for organisations.

Forensic Audit

Grant Thornton Luxembourg has the forensic and business skills to deal with the most complex situations. A multi-disciplinary team of dedicated accountants in consultation with lawyers, IT consultants, insurance experts, valuation specialists and actuaries may be engaged when necessary.

Supervisory Auditor (Commissaire)

Grant Thornton Luxembourg has a dedicated team of experts committed to deliver services to reserved to Supervisory Auditor or "Commissaire aux Comptes".

Liquidation Audit

Grant Thornton Luxembourg has a dedicated team of experts committed to deliver services to reserved to liquidation audit "Commissariat à la liquidation".

Assurance Engagements

Grant Thornton Luxembourg have a dedicated team of experts committed to work on audit and assurance special engagements.

IFRS Services

At Grant Thornton Luxembourg, our experts can help you navigate the complexity of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


Grant Thornton Luxembourg helps clients evaluate and implement various strategic alternatives through our comprehensive suite of corporate value consulting services. From opinions, board solutions and services, to valuation and modeling, we can assist you with value added services throughout the transaction lifecycle.