In the realm of business, data protection and legal compliance are vital cornerstones for success. Constant efforts to guarantee data protection compliance allows organisations to foster enduring relationships with clients and service providers.

At Grant Thornton, we are committed to support our clients achieve this objective in the scope of their current and future challenges such as ensuring a compliant use of artificial intelligence technologies.

Enhance your data protection and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) awareness through our bespoke services, crafted to ensure your company's adherence to regulatory requirements.


Why Grant Thornton Advisory?

We have a proven track record of advising clients across several industries and can leverage upon best practices in each to provide a well-rounded service offering, adapted to the specificities of your sector.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is well-versed in navigating the intricate landscape of data protection regulations. We benefit from experts specialising in information security, governance and legal matters, allowing us to provide a tailored and distinguished service. From industry-specific mandates to international data transfer frameworks, we monitor evolving legal landscapes, ensuring that your company stays ahead of the curve. By partnering with us, you demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding your clients’ privacy, bolstering trust, and upholding your reputation as a privacy-conscious organisation.

We have experience advising the following sectors:

  • Financial Services, including banks, stock exchanges and Management Companies
  • International institutions, closely aligned with European Institutions
  • Leisure, leading actors on a national sector
  • Healthcare, both private and governmental
  • Real-Estate, major players in the local and European market
  • Educational, international schools
  • Transport, leading actors in the regional area
  • Luxury retail, global manufacturers with a footprint in nearly 30 countries

Our data protection experts are also well placed to guide your company through the process of aligning with industry-leading best practices and stringent standards such as the GDPR-CARPA, a set of criteria developed by the data protection Supervisory Authority (the “Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données”) and based on the GDPR’s requirements.


Our services

To assist you in ensuring compliance with those data protection regulations that you may be subject to (such as the GDPR, ePrivacy, the CCPA), Grant Thornton Advisory currently offers the following services:

  • Data protection advisory services
    • External Data Protection Officer services
    • Support to Data Protection Officers
    • Data Protection advisory services
  • Internal Audit
  • Data protection training
    • General GDPR training
    • Tailored data protection training to your company’s sector / specificities

More information about data protection trainings can be found in our Training Center catalogue.


For more information about Data Protection and Privacy, please contact our Advisory Director Shariq Arif.

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