Mounting regulatory requirements, technological change and consolidation are transforming the financial services sector

Whether the solutions retained bear on their operations, applications, business processes or internal organisation, we provide a personalised, hands-on approach towards their implementation.

To grow in this challenging environment, dynamic organisations like yours need high-level business, operations, accounting, systems and tax advice – so you can achieve your goals

Our clients are largely but not exclusively Asset Managers and financial intermediaries (Professionals of the Financial Sector) and range from small companies to large national and multinational financial institutions.

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Our Financial Services

Alternative Investment Services

Grant Thornton Luxembourg is a bespoke business partner to established Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF”) Managers (“AIFM”) as well as independent Managers launching start-up Funds and seeking for a single entry point in Luxembourg in order to set-up and manage their Luxembourg domiciled Funds.

Fund Administration

Fund Administration - Grant Thornton Luxembourg offers a full range of tailored solutions to our clients.

Registrar & Transfer Agency Services, Client Reporting

Grant Thornton Luxembourg provides investors with confirmations, final Contract Notes and regular statements upon finalisation of the Fund’s Net Asset Value, We handle all wire payments and transfers, including the processing of distribution dividend payments, and perform in-depth Anti-Money Laundering Counter Terrorism Financing and Know-Your Client due diligence checks on investors.

Fund set-up, Launch & Corporate life

High-quality product structuring and legal services have become a crucial tool enabling industry players to get through the major changes impacting their business development, strategy and organisation as a whole. Our Investment Management practice at Grant Thornton Luxembourg is your one-stop place for expert advice combining pragmatism and a unique in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg market.

AML Compliance Services

Grant Thornton Luxembourg helps its Clients to keep compliant with AML-CTF laws and regulations and provide an expert skilled team.

Regulatory Reporting Delivery

Grant Thornton Luxembourg has set up a Business Process Outsourcing Solution that manages and mutualises regulatory expertise, reporting solutions and skilled human resources

Legal Support & Corporate Services

Grant Thornton Luxembourg delivers Legal Support & Corporate services.

Financial Services

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