How we could help you

We provide investors with confirmations, final contract notes and regular statements upon finalisation of the Fund’s Net Asset Value. We handle all wire payments and transfers, including the processing of distribution/dividend payments, and perform in-depth Anti-Money Laundering-Counter, Terrorism Financing and Know Your Client due diligence checks on investors.

Registrar & Tranfer Agency Services 

  • Maintain the database of investors
  • Maintain the share/unitholder register(s)
  • Process investors transactions (commitments/subscriptions) capital calls, redemptions, exchanges, transfers, distributions/dividends
  • Process reconciliations
  • FATCA/AEOI services

Shareholder services & Client Reporting

  • Subscription, redemption, switch, transfer confirmations
  • Response to investors queries

For more information, please contact Catherine Normand.