Facing the complex fiscal environment

Tax compliance

Tax compliance is a complex area which requires dedicated expertise and inside knowledge of your business in order to be able to manage tax risks and to comply with reporting requirements.

Do you need a partner?

You want to concentrate on your core business, and you need a partner to proactively and cost-efficiently assist you with tax compliance in an increasingly complex fiscal environment.

What we offer   

Our accountants and tax consultants are familiar with these challenges and offer a full range of tax services to any taxpayer, including international organisations, commercial companies, non-profit organisations, financial institutions and their clients, investment funds, private equity firms, fund managers and promoters and financial sector professionals. 

Our services go beyond preparing and filing tax forms. We understand your needs and provide tailored answers based on your requirements and strategy. 

Our services 

  • Preparing tax returns (CIT, MBT, NWT, related tax forms and appendices)
  • Determining tax deductions and allowances
  • Computing / reviewing tax provisions for local and group reporting
  • Identifying of the tax opportunities and risks related to the prepared tax returns / provisions
  • Checking tax assessments and related tax correspondence received from the Luxembourg tax authorities
  • Preparing withholding tax returns on dividends or director's fees
  • Representing the taxpayer with domestic tax authorities
  • Requesting the application of specific tax provisions (e.g. functional currency, tax unity, etc.)
  • Following-up of day-to-day matters
  • Implementing e-tax reporting solutions
  • Providing tailor-made practical trainings

Our experts work with you closely to minimise your tax burden and offer you tailor-made solutions. If required, we can rely on the Grant Thornton International network to provide specific professional assistance to our clients operating across borders, wherever in the world.