Individual Tax & Social advisory

Our experts deliver quality when and where you need it

Advice on personal tax matters

  • Assistance in tax filing (individual tax declarations)
  • Determination of fringe benefits (company car, housing, interest rate subsidies, stock options, complementary pension plan,etc.)
  • Tax optimisation advice

Social Security Advisory

  • Review of requirements to obtain legal pension benefits
  • Analysis of the social security benefits due to both residents and non-residents
  • Assistance in applying for unemployment entitlements
  • Assistance in requesting employment aid (financial support for re-employment, for unemployed senior citizens, etc.)
  • Assistance in applying for family allowances

Management of Expatriate payroll

  • Review of the implications of expatriate arrangements on social security, taxation matters, labor laws and etc.
  • Set-up of expatriate arrangements
  • Assistance related to secondment or transfer of employees

 Payroll optimisation techniques

  • Implementation of payroll optimisation techniques
  • Salary splits
  • Compensation and benefits: stock options, complementary pension plan, company car, etc.
  • Special tax regime for highly qualified workers