Are you facing indirect Tax obligations in many countries?

VAT and Other Indirect Tax Advice

The changing landscape in value added tax (“VAT”) is a challenge for local and international businesses. Our VAT advisory business line is dedicated to keeping you up to date with amended VAT legislation and changes in the administrative practice in Luxembourg and worldwide with our Grant Thornton global VAT network. Specialists review and comment on new EU directives and the latest case law by the Court of Justice of the European Union in order to provide you with advice tailored to your specific needs.

Control and management of VAT aspects

We appreciate the importance of timely reactions to changes in the tax environment and ensure implementation of those changes in the internal and compliance processes in your business. In particular when cross border structures are concerned. This requires a high level of expertise, knowledge and insight. Below, please find some examples of our VAT and other Indirect Tax advisory services.

What we can do for you 

  • We advise you on both national and international VAT transactions
  • We assist you with VAT due diligence
  • We assist you in VAT audits and appeal procedures
  • We conduct VAT quick-scans on your potential VAT risks or non-compliance (if necessary linked to in-house training)
  • We provide you VAT training sessions and on-boarding processes for new VAT related procedures
  • We analyse your VAT compliance obligations and assist you with your initial VAT registrations
  • We review your VAT forms, Intrastat forms, EC sales listings and reconciliations prepared by you or other service providers
  • We assist you in VAT accounting
  • We assist you in VAT refund applications for foreign VAT (and GST)
  • We coordinate your foreign VAT obligations together with our global Grant Thornton VAT network (both inside and outside the EU)
  • Our other Indirect Tax services (registration duty / stamp tax)
  • We advise you on national registration duty (droit d’enregistrement) and stamp taxes (timbres fiscaux)
  • We advise you on subscription tax matters (taxe d’abonnement) for investment entities.

Our Customs Duty services

We advise on your customs duties on international supply chains.

Frank Heykes
Partner, VAT & Indirect Tax
Frank Heykes