Achieving a VAT compliant environment and mitigating local VAT risks

VAT and Other Indirect Tax Compliance

Handling the day-to-day VAT compliance obligations requires being close to your business. Our VAT compliance business line assists you to ensure that long term reporting processes are implemented and respected with the aim of safeguarding a proper and timely VAT filing. This is important for achieving a VAT compliant environment and mitigating local VAT risks. 

Control and manage VAT aspects

Timely collection and analysis of your business data is the basis of our reporting services. Therefore, teamwork between your in-house staff or local service provider and our VAT compliance team is key in order to make sure that potential issues are detected and solved in time to ensure your correct VAT reporting. This is what we are aiming for. Please find some examples of our VAT compliance services below.  

Our VAT compliance services 

  • We assist you on VAT registration of companies and individuals in Luxembourg 
  • We also assist you in the coordination of VAT registrations in other EU Member States via our global Grant Thornton VAT network 
  • We assist you in your day-to-day VAT accounting
  • We assist you in your periodical internal VAT reporting
  • We help you in VAT audits and appeal procedures
  • We prepare your periodical (monthly or quarterly) VAT returns
  • We prepare your annual simplified VAT return (i.e. for VAT taxable persons without the right to recover input VAT)
  • We prepare your normal annual VAT return including all necessary annexes
  • We assist with your INTRASTAT filing
  • We also assist you in the preparation of EC Sales lists for services or goods (Etat Récapitulatif)
  • We help you with VAT refund claims in other EU Member States where you are not VAT registered
  • We finally assist you with de-registration from Luxembourg VAT
Frank Heykes
Partner, VAT & Indirect Tax
Frank Heykes