Grant Thornton Luxembourg Tax & Accounting - Business Advisory services

Grant Thornton Luxembourg has been delivering tax, accounting, and business advisory services to private and institutional clients, locally or globally for more than twenty five years.

As a member of the “Ordre des Experts Comptables” our Firm has 100+ interdisciplinary multilingual professionals, committed to developing tailor-made solutions. Each assignment is monitored by one key contact, in order to ensure comprehensive and dynamic support.

Tax services 

Grant Thornton Luxembourg serves a broad range of local and international businesses with tax compliance and tax planning. We do our utmost to provide our clients with quality individual and corporate tax advice helping them to achieve long-term tax savings, optimising their income, and thus contributing to their assets.

You want to achieve maximum results. As an entrepreneur or executive, you are facing continuous amendments to the tax rules and legislation. How can you limit your tax risks and simultaneously leverage new tax opportunities?

Our Tax consulting team

Our tax consultants assist small, medium and large enterprises, listed companies and multinational enterprises in optimising their tax position. We deliver the most efficient solution for each tax problem and will defend and support your interests in tax matters where required.

The collective knowledge of our tax consultants and team of specialists guarantees that you are provided with adequate information of all relevant and current tax developments with a specific focus on your situation.

Ambitious organisations need to consider their tax affairs carefully to gain trust and stay ahead of their competitors.

At Grant Thornton Luxembourg, tax is a key part of our organisation and our award-winning teams can offer you a range of solutions, whatever the size of your business or the challenges you’re facing locally or internationally.

Using a combination of reason and instinct, we can work with you to develop a strategy that helps you both understand and manage your tax liability in a transparent and ethical way.

Accounting services

At Grant Thornton Luxembourg we are committed to private and institutional clients in the fields of accountancy. We recognise that accurate financial reporting is the basis for any major business decision. We are adaptable, ensuring compliance with accounting and financial reporting issues. We aim to turn accounting into a management tool for benchmarking and boosting business performance.

Our professionals have been selected as an outsourcing partner by a variety of clients from the commercial, industrial and financial sector, including professionals of the financial sector, multinationals, finance and holding companies, securitisation vehicles, family wealth management companies (SPF), and private equity and venture capital structures.

Our Tax & Accounting

Accounting & Reporting Services

Grant Thornton Luxembourg may explore the specific characteristics of your company in order to provide a personalised assistance in the fields of Accounting & Reporting services.

Corporate Tax Compliance

Grant Thornton Luxembourg may explore the specific characteristics of your company in order to provide a personalised assistance in the fields of corporate tax compliance.

Direct Corporate Tax Advice

Grant Thornton Luxembourg understand the complexity of national and international tax laws. We can unlock your potential for local and international growth.

VAT and Other Indirect Tax Compliance

Handling the day-to-day VAT compliance obligations requires being close to your business. Our VAT compliance business line assists you to ensure that long term reporting processes are implemented and respected with the aim of safeguarding a proper and timely VAT filing. This is important for achieving a VAT compliant environment and mitigating local VAT risks.

VAT and Other Indirect Tax Advice

Our VAT advisory business line is dedicated to keeping you up to date with amended VAT legislation and changes in the administrative practice in Luxembourg and worldwide with our Grant Thornton global VAT network. Specialists review and comment on new EU directives and the latest case law by the Court of Justice of the European Union in order to provide you with advice tailored to your specific needs.

Transaction & Reorganisation

Reorganisations - Transaction Planning - Tax Structuring - M&A. Companies strive to improve their market position with take-overs, mergers and demergers. Strategy and financial tactics are important elements in this respect. Grant Thornton tax specialists may intervene in all stages of the transaction.

Transfer Pricing

The laws surrounding transfer pricing are becoming ever more complex, as tax affairs of multinational companies are facing scrutiny from media, regulators and the public. Grant Thornton Luxembourg can help you manage your transfer pricing risks and find opportunities.

Tax - Financial Services & Operational Tax

Our Tax - Financial Services team provides tax advisory services relevant for the Financial Services Industries and Operational Tax assistance. This includes tax advice, automatic exchange of information (FATCA, CRS, DAC 6, DAC 7 and DAC 8), advisory and compliance assistance regarding the US Qualified Intermediary (QI) regime, assistance regarding withholding tax reclaims, investor tax reporting and tax structuring in the context of Islamic finance.

Personal Tax

Our experienced multilingual Personal Tax Team is keen to give you tailored solutions, optimise your situation and help you make decisions. We could assist you with: income tax returns, vat returns, tax assessments, contacts with the tax authorities and assistance by tax audit or tax litigation, tax matters advices, inheritance tax matters, international assignments and trainings.

Cross-Border Tax

Tax policies are constantly evolving and there are a number of complex changes on the horizon that could significantly affect your business. We can help you with practical advice such as VAT and direct tax.

Corporate Finance

Exploring the strategic options available to you as a business or shareholder, advising and project managing the chosen solution, Grant Thornton Luxembourg provide a truly integrated corporate finance offering. Merger & acquisition, buying a business, selling a business, transaction piloting,raising finance to support your business plans.Vendor due diligence, acquisition due diligence, reporting accountant work,operational due diligence, management assessment.

Expatriate Tax

Although international employment has become a standard practice in business life, employers and their assignees are still faced with numerous questions in this area. Grant Thornton Luxembourg can help you to be one step ahead.

Set-up, Restructuring & Business Planning

Grant Thornton Luxembourg is delighted to add value during the implementation of your businesses and to be given the opportunity to grow together with you. Relying on our professionals’ financial expertise will allow you to take dynamic but sustainable decisions.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Grant Thornton Luxembourg provides corporate secretarial services to enable our clients to comply with their legal and administrative obligations in Luxembourg.

Liquidation & Insolvency

Grant Thornton Luxembourg can draw on years of experience in the areas of liquidation and insolvency and then make sensible recommendations on how best to deal with your financial crisis.

Human Resources Management & Payroll

Grant Thornton Luxembourg has been delivering since 1987 Payroll and Human Resources services to private and institutional clients. A team of highly qualified collaborators manages around 7 000 payslips per month and offers related consulting services.